Botanical Garden Foundation, Inc.

The Botanical Garden Foundation is the non-profit (501 [c][3]) membership organization that supports the North Carolina Botanical Garden, its mission, and its programs. The Foundation and its Board of Directors raise nearly 50 percent of the funds for operating expenses of the Garden. In addition, the Botanical Garden Foundation protects nearly 300 acres of land for conservation purposes. Join us—become a member now!

2016 Officers & Board of Directors

Greg Fitch, President
Missy Rankin, Vice President
Stephen A. Rich, Treasurer
Jan Dean, Secretary

Betsy Bennett
Bob Broad
Sandra Brooks-Mathers
Cotton Bryan
Wanda Bryant
Nathan Byrd
Melissa Cain
Chip Callaway
Becky Cobey
Mike Dunn
Carey Durham
Anne Harris
Duke Henthorne
Debbie Hill
Jay Leutze
Harriet Martin
Scottie Neill
Florence Peacock
Frank Penta
Bill Ross
Sandy Thompson
Barbara K. Wendell
John Wilson

Claire Christopher
Gretchen Cozart
Arthur S. DeBerry
Muriel Easterling
Mary Coker Joslin
Sally Couch Vilas

Tom Earnhardt
Anne H. Lindsey
William H. Bracey
Arthur S. DeBerry
Sally Couch Vilas
R. B. Fitch

Damon Waitt, Director, North Carolina Botanical Garden, UNC-Chapel Hill
Carol Tresolini, Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives, UNC-Chapel Hill
Heidi Sawyer-Clark, Garden Clubs of North Carolina

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