Conservation at The North Carolina Botanical Garden

The North Carolina Botanical Garden is a Conservation Garden. We have developed Environmentally Responsible Gardening Practices that we apply to our own gardening activities, and which we hope others will be interested in adopting. We have also developed a set of Conservation Principles for Development that will be of interest to builders and land developers.

Schweinitz's sunflower

Helianthus schweinitzii (Schweinitz's sunflower), a rare North Carolina native.

Control and removal of invasive exotic species from natural areas is a major focus of our efforts. In service to that goal, we offer the following to the gardening public: information on native alternatives to invasive exotic plants and information on recommended sources of native plants. Since its founding, the Garden has pioneered a "Conservation through Propagation" approach, one example of which is our Wildflower of the Year program.

prescribed burn

Botanical Garden staff use prescribed burning to manage some natural areas.

We work closely with other local, state, and regional conservation organizations. One local organization that we partner with is the Morgan Creek Valley Alliance, whose mission is "to preserve the rich biological and cultural history of the Morgan Creek Valley."

Finally, we are actively involved in the conservation and restoration of rare species and natural areas. Please see our Policy on the Sale of Rare Plant Species [PDF].

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