Director Peter White Named Outstanding Southerner

March 10, 2009: North Carolina Botanical Garden Director Dr. Peter White has been given the "Outstanding Southerner" award by Southern Living. The March 2009 issue of Southern Living magazine profiles Dr. White in the "Points South: Our Life and Times" section. Excerpts from that profile (p. 133) appear below.

Fertile Ground: Peter White keeps the North Carolina Botanical Garden blossoming (by Wade Kwon)

So many plants, so little time. Between teaching classes and running the North Carolina Botanical Garden, Peter White finds little time to actually stop and smell the roses. "We live in a world teeming with other species," Peter says. We're evolved from the same cell that started it all, and we don't understand it worth beans."

That quest for deeper knowledge takes him from his University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Office to the Smokies in Sevier County, Tennessee, to hunt a missing Arctic wildflower last seen in 1892.

And it put Peter before lawmakers in Congress to testify on the importance of cataloging and preserving as many species as possible: plants, bugs, bacteria, anything.

The 700-acre botanical garden thrives under his watchful care. For 23 years he has served as director. For the last two, he has focused on the new Visitor Education Center. . . .

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