Garden Opens Exhibit in Washington, D.C.

May 26, 2007: The North Carolina Botanical Garden joined 19 other garden institutions from across the nation and the United States Botanic Garden (USBG) today when an exhibit celebrating the diversity and importance of American public gardens opened in the nation's capital. "Celebrating America's Public Gardens" remains open through October 8.

The North Carolina Botanical Garden's exhibit, along with 11 others on the USBG's Conservatory Terrace, has been designed to convey "A Sense of Place." The exhibit features a boardwalk weaving through raised beds containing miniature native plant habitats: a carnivorous plant bog, a longleaf pine savanna, and a pocosin (shrub bog). This spring, staff from the North Carolina Botanical Garden, led by Andrew Bell, built the planting beds and boardwalk and transported several truckloads of plants grown at the Chapel Hill garden.

"A Sense of Place" marks the first time that the USBG has devoted its popular Terrace exhibit area to the work of other public gardens. Visitors throughout the summer will find beautiful plants and seating areas on the Terrace for relaxing and will be able to "visit" gardens that they might otherwise never have a chance to see in person. Other garden exhibits joining the North Carolina one on the Conservatory Terrace include a Japanese garden, a Hawaiian island garden, and a desert display of cacti and other succulents.

From the Conservatory Terrace, visitors may stroll into the USBG's new National Garden, enhanced with new plantings added this spring, where "Celebrating American's Public Gardens: Green Today, Growing Tomorrow" focuses on the work of public gardens across America—what they do and why they are important. Panels and sculpture throughout tell stories of ways that lives are changed, places and plants are preserved, knowledge is valued, and humans are nurtured by public gardens.

The following photos were taken at intervals during the process of creating the North Carolina Botanical Garden's exhibit. (Photos by A. Bell)

DC exhibit 1

DC exhibit 2

DC exhibit 3

DC exhibit 4

DC exhibit 5

DC exhibit 6

DC exhibit 7

DC exhibit 8

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