Invasive Exotic Plants: Publications and Resources

Plants that are not native to the southeastern United States and that have become aggressive invaders of natural areas constitute a serious threat to biological diversity. We are committed to providing the public with information on these plants. See our Exotic Plant Policy and Procedures to learn about how the North Carolina Botanical Garden defines "invasive exotic species" and how we are choosing to approach the problems they create.

Our updated (2007) publication, Controlling Invasive Plants [PDF] is a useful resource for homeowners and landscaping professionals.

View a PowerPoint presentation from the "Plant This, Not That" exhibition, February 2012 here [PDF]. Note: this is a very large file.

Questions about invasive exotic plants may be e-mailed to Johnny Randall, the Garden's Assistant Director for Conservation.

Other Resources

Visit the following sites to learn more about invasive exotic species:

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