The North Carolina Botanical Garden logo

The North Carolina Botanical Garden has a new logo system!

NCBG logo in blue with UNC and in green

What is a logo system, you ask?

A logo system combines wordmark, pictorial and abstract iconography to create a graphical framework with endless permutations that can be filled with meaning.

That sounds complicated, but I recognize that “flower.”

Of course you do. It is the flowering dogwood (Cornus florida), the state flower of North Carolina. The perfect fit for North Carolina’s Botanical Garden. By the way, the florida in Cornus florida is Latin for “blooming” or “flowery,” not to be confused with the 27th state.

Why did you put “flower” in quotations?

Well, technically, it is not a flower but an inflorescence. What appear to be four notched petals are actually petaloid bracts. (We just snuck in a lesson about plant morphology.) By the way, those four bracts are a nice metaphor for the Garden’s four core program areas—Conservation, Demonstration, Education, and Research.

But where are the flowers?

dogwood inflorescence

The flowers are the white circles in the center of the icon (the little green structures in the photo). Notice how they are arranged spirally in a Fibonacci sequence. This sequence is found everywhere in nature, from the shell of a nautilus to the shape of a hurricane to the fiddlehead of a fern. (Yes, we snuck in a math lesson.)

Is everything changing?

Rest easy that while our branding has evolved, our mission to inspire understanding, appreciation, and conservation of plants by advancing a sustainable relationship between people and nature remains the same.

Updated on April 15, 2016 at 02:19:31 pm.