Overview of All of Our Sites

The North Carolina Botanical Garden comprises more than 1,000 acres, including 10 acres of display gardens and a number of natural areas in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Our main visitor site, the Display Gardens and Education Center, is located off of Old Mason Farm Road and the US 15-501 Bypass in Chapel Hill. Here we feature habitat display gardens that interpret the plants and vegetation of North Carolina, perennial borders, a Garden of Flowering Plant Families, the Piedmont Nature Trails, a green Education Center with exhibits, and much more.

photo of mother and child in the fern displays of the Mountain Habitat Garden

In the fern display garden

The Garden is also responsible for the management of several nearby sites that are on the University of North Carolina Campus proper: Coker Arboretum, Battle Park, and Forest Theatre.

The Botanical Garden and North Carolina Botanical Garden Foundation also own and/or manage a number of natural areas at locations in Chapel Hill and elsewhere around the Triangle Region. Only a few of these allow public access. Other areas, such as the Mason Farm Biological Reserve, require a permit.

Please read our handout about Conservation and Sustainability at the North Carolina Botanical Garden [PDF].

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