Scheduling Tours

The Garden offers guided tours for groups of adults and families. (For school group tours, please refer to the Programs for Schools & Teachers section of this website.) Subject matter may be general or topical, depending on the wishes of the group. Please call the Garden's Education Office (919-962-2887) to determine availability and schedule a tour. We recommend you call at least 4 weeks in advance. Please have the following information ready before placing your call:

  • name of your group
  • contact person
  • phone number
  • email (if applicable)
  • address
  • desired date and time
  • number expected for tour
  • topic(s) to be covered

Should you need to cancel, due to a change of plans or inclement weather, please contact us at 919-962-2887 as early as possible so we can alert the volunteer Tour Guides.

Important Information for planning your Tour of the Gardens:

  • Please plan for one hour for your tour, plus additional time to gather prior to the tour, and again afterwards.
  • Nametags are helpful to the Guides, especially with children's groups.
  • Please make allowances for sufficient time for a bathroom break if arriving from out of town.
  • Wheel chairs are available. When scheduling, please tell staff of this or any other special accessibility issues for visitors in your group.

General Tours

Botanical Garden Tour Guides lead a visiting group through the display gardens, which may include the Display Gardens, The Mercer Reeves Hubbard Herb Garden, the Garden of Flowering Plant Families, and/or the Piedmont Nature Trails. If your group is particularly interested in some areas of the Garden, our Tour Guides will be happy to focus on those areas.

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