Staff Directory

Unless otherwise indicated below, you can reach staff members through our main telephone number, 919-962-0522.


Damon Waitt, Director, North Carolina Botanical Garden
Nadia Alamo, Garden Shop Manager, 919-962-3065
Elaine McManus, Volunteer Manager, 919-962-0643
David Michaud, Facility Rentals Coordinator and Interim Registrar, 919-843-8524
Emily Oglesby, Communications and Exhibits Coordinator, 919-962-2233
Jennifer Peterson, Communications Manager, 919-962-9457
Aislinn Spain, Assistant to the Director and BGF Liaison, 919-962-2231
Janna Starr, Facilities and Events Manager, 919-537-3819
Lisa Hicks, Director of Business Operations
Victoria Smith, Account Technician


Johnny Randall, Director of Conservation Programs, 919-962-2380
Neville Handel, Land Manager
Michael Kunz, Conservation Ecologist, 919-962-2378
Nick Adams, Battle Park Manager


Stephen Keith, Interim Director of Development, 919-843-2411
Allison Essen, Donor Relations & Membership Coordinator, 919-962-0642
Patti Smith, Membership Assistant


Joanna Massey Lelekacs, Director of Education, 919-962-9460
Mike Dunn, Natural Science Educator, 919-962-2887
Sally Haskett, Horticultural Therapist, 919-962-2413
Claire Lorch, Carolina Campus Community Garden, 919-360-5369
Laura Mindlin, Program Manager, Edible Campus Initiative, 919-962-9633
Elisha Taylor, Youth and Family Education Manager, 919-537-3770


Alan Weakley, Director of Herbarium, 919-962-0578
Carol Ann McCormick, Curator of Herbarium, 919-962-6931
Shanna Oberreiter, Herbarium Assistant, 919-962-6931


Dan Stern, Director of Horticulture
Dan Blanchard, Horticultural Technician
Ainsley Briggs, Horticultural Technician
Matt Gocke, Greenhouse and Nursery Manager
Chris Liloia, Curator, Habitat Gardens
Margo MacIntyre, Curator, Coker Arboretum
Katherine Meehan, Nursery Assistant
Amanda Mixon, Curator, Education Center Landscape
Geoffrey Neal, Assistant Curator, Coker Arboretum
Heather Summer, Collections Manager & Seed Program Coordinator
Wendy Wenck, Herb Garden and Totten Center Landscapes Curator

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