Stream channel improvements underway at Arboretum

By Margo MacIntyre, Coker Arboretum Curator

Photo of large stump

Thanks to a donation from the estate of devoted Coker Arboretum volunteer Bob Gordon, we are able to make improvements to the stone channel below the Abundance of Springs Kenan Water Feature.

The first and most significant obstacle in the area was the 90-year-old sweet gum that grew into the stone channel. Over the years, its massive roots made their way into, under, around and through the channel itself. This created quite a dam that blocks storm water from exiting the area as quickly.

In December, the tree was removed by Bartlett Tree Experts, leaving an enormous stump and massive root mass in and amongst the stone channel rocks. We have worked many hours removing soil from around the roots to expose them and determine the best method for complete removal.

Once the stump and roots are gone, we will widen and reconstruct the channel itself to allow water to flow through the Abundance of Springs area more quickly. We will also be able to divert more storm water into the channel and prevent the path erosion that has plagued the Arboretum in that area for many years. Upon completion, we will be able to install a landscape for all to enjoy.

We hope you will stop by to see this intriguing construction area and the many Japanese Apricots (Prunus mume cultivars), in full bloom and many other winter-flowering gems.

Updated on February 01, 2017 at 11:33:02 am.