Independent Study Projects

Completed by graduates of the Certificate in Native Plant Studies program

Lake Johnson Plant Inventory
Jane Cornelius, 2006

Shallow Groundwater Hydrology and Wetland Vegetation in a Field in the Mason Farm Biological Reserve
Scott E. King, 2009

Piedmont Lichen Inventory
Gary B. Perlmutter, 2009

Using Native Plants in the Landscape at Central Carolina Community College
Chris Bouton, 2011

Woody Plant Propagation
Jim Schmidt, 2012

Educational Posters on Threatened Plant Communities of North Carolina
Nicolette L. Cagle, 2012

Seed Propagation of Six Native Southeastern United States Wildflowers
Sandy Young & Paul Young, 2012

Fire in the Bay: A Community Outreach Presentation for the Pondberry Bay Rare Plant Preserve
Dale Batchelor, 2013

Introducing iNaturalist: Supplemental Instructional Resources for Learning to Use the iNaturalist Observation Collection System
Suzanne Cadwell, 2013

Gardening by Natural Community: Using Local Communities to Guide Plant Selection and Garden Design
Angela Horne, 2013

Plant Species Differences and ‘Soil Test’ Measurable Plant Nutrient Differences between “Bean Dips” and the Periphery Soils in the North Carolina Sandhills Gamelands
David McCloy, 2013

Drawing the Natural Gardens of North Carolina
Betty Lou Chaika, 2013

Who’s Attracted to Native Plants? Pollinator Diversity in a Suburban Yard
Ann Walter-Fromson, 2017

A survey of herbaceous plant species and communities at G.W. Hill Demonstration Forest using iNaturalist
Tamara A. Matheson, 2017

Natural History of the Bitternut Hickory (Carya cordiformis): Its Occurrence Along a Small Stream
Alice Banks Yeaman, 2017 Documenting a Habitat Hidden in Plain Sight
Bradley Saul, 2021

Natural Plant Communities of Camp Agape, Harnett County, North Carolina
Gregory W. Price, 2022