CCG Volunteer Spotlight: Simone

CCG volunteer Simone

Simone started volunteering at the Carolina Community Garden (CCG) six years ago before her junior year of high school. She ended up enjoying composting so much, she became one of our compost leaders and even continued to volunteer when she was back during breaks from college! When the stay-at-home order began in the spring and Simone had to return home, she and her family decided to start their own compost. It is made from an old fire pit, has metal walls, and a top made out of a wood frame and wire mesh to prevent animals from getting in. One of her favorite parts of having her own compost is getting to chop up her food scraps! It is also rewarding for Simone to see how much food waste she is keeping out of landfills.

Volunteering at CCG made Simone feel more comfortable to start her own compost and inspired her to be more mindful of where her food comes from. She has even gotten involved in her college’s dining sustainability program. Her biggest advice to anyone interested in starting a compost is to not be nervous! She also suggests freezing your food scraps if you don’t have time to add them to your compost right away. Check out Simone’s awesome compost in the picture above! Thank you, Simone and all of our other amazing volunteers, for the work you all do inside (and outside) of CCG.