Survey Says…

tour at the Garden

The North Carolina Botanical Garden participated in a national survey this spring along with over 600 other organizations. The survey focused on how people are connecting to the arts and culture during the pandemic and how that connection could be deepened in the future. The national study results will be made public in early July, but we already have the results from the 183 Garden participants. Some of the key takeaways from this group include:

  • Thinking ahead to when people are able to go out again, what are you most excited to do in the first few weeks? 
    Results: 77% of visitors indicated they are most excited to “Get together with friends or loved ones in our homes,” followed by 69% of visitors indicating they would like to “Visit a park, garden, or zoo.”
  • Thinking ahead to when people are able to go out again, which of the following factors will most influence your decision to resume attending in-person arts & culture experiences?
    Results: 61% of visitors will feel more comfortable resuming in-person arts & cultural experiences when “A COVID-19 vaccine becomes available.” 56% of visitors indicated “Wide availability of Covid-19 immunity testing” would make them more comfortable.
  • Now that many cultural organizations are shut down during this time, what do you miss the most?
    Results: The top three responses were “Spending quality time with family or friends” (71%), “Experiencing artworks or performances in person (58%), and “Learning or experiencing something new” (47%).
  • What do you want more of in your life right now?
    Results: The top response was “Connection with other people” at 60%, followed by 50% saying “Getting outdoors.”
  • How are you feeling these days, compared to before the pandemic?
    Results: The highest response was “Worried or afraid” at 52%.
  • How would you ideally want arts & culture organizations to help your community during this crisis? Help my community…
    Results: The top three answers were “Stay connected” (66%), “Laugh and relax” (62%), and “Offer distraction and escape during the crisis” (62%).

This survey was administered in late April and was completed in mid-May. We hope to use both the NCBG-specific data and the national data to help inform and guide our digital engagement strategy as we determine how the Garden can best serve our community.