Volunteer Spotlight: Adelaide

CCG volunteer

As a part of our ongoing volunteer highlighting series, we’d like to highlight Adelaide this week. Adelaide started volunteering at CCG in the Spring of 2018 as a part of a class requirement and has continued to volunteer on weekends after graduating. Adelaide has always loved working outside and enjoys the community that is so central to the CCG. She has even brought out her partner and friends to the garden.

Since the change in volunteer policy due to COVID, Adelaide, decided to expand her garden located on her back porch where she grows basil, tomato, cilantro, and flowers in different pots. Although her family had a garden growing up, she says that volunteering at CCG inspired her start her own garden because she realized she didn’t need a lot of land and wanted to be aware of where her food comes from. Having a garden has been rewarding for Adelaide because she knows that she helped make something grow and it reminds her of how much life can come from a single seed, which continues to amaze her. Her biggest piece of advice to anyone just getting started is to volunteer at a garden first. This way, Adelaide believes, you can get involved in gardening and benefit from working with more experienced gardeners.

Gardening at CCG has influenced Adelaide so much that she can’t imagine not going there and no matter wherever she lands, she would like to help start a garden or volunteer at one. Adelaide is currently working at the Duke Cancer Institute in clinical research and is applying to medical school and hopes to work in the oncology field one day. Good luck Adelaide and thank you for all your help volunteering!