Paul W. Gabrielson

(b. 19 November 1952)

Paul Gabrielson is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Biology Department of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  His office & lab are in the Genomic Sciences Building. Since 2004 he has served as an Associate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Herbarium (NCU).

Gabrielson has deposited over 2,000 specimens (especially coralline algae) in NCU.  Other herbaria curating Gabrielson’s specimens include Friday Harbor Laboratories, University of Washington (FHL), University of Michigan (MICH), and University of Washington (WTU).

In 2013 NCU joined the Macroalgal Herbarium Collections Consortium.  The National Science Foundation has funded the Consortium to digitize, database and geolocate over 1.1 million specimens held by the 49 member herbaria.  Specimens collected by Paul W. Gabrielson and other phycologists can be viewed and searched at


I earned my Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1980 and spent the next two decades doing research on algae and teaching at a small liberal arts college.  I am back to where I started as a graduate student — doing algal systematics (but now with a molecular twist) in Chapel Hill.

Teaching the summer Marine Botany course intermittently over the past 15 years at the Friday Harbor Labs (FHL), University of Washington’s marine lab on San Juan Island in northern Puget Sound, has shaped my career and has resulted in publications used by students and professionals to identity marine algae.  Two of the most recent are:

Keys to the Seaweeds and Seagrasses of Oregon and California, North of Point Conception (2004) by Paul W. Gabrielson, Thomas Benjamin Widdowson and Susan C. Lindstrom and Keys to the Seaweeds and Seagrasses of Southeast Alaska, British Columbia, Washington and Oregon (2012) by Paul W. Gabrielson, Susan C. Lindstrom and Charles J. O’Kelly.

Currently, I am obtaining molecular fingerprints from recent field-collected specimens to compare with those obtained from type specimens, many dating from the 19th Century. This ability to unequivocally match type and historically important collections with recently collected specimens allows us to explore a host of questions that hitherto have been difficult to answer. For example: Are names of seaweeds with type localities outside of the Northeast Pacific correctly applied to local species? What are the biogeographic limits of morphologically similar species? What are the ecological limits? Are invasive species present that are morphologically similar to native species?


Voyages of Discovery is an article about Paul Gabrielson’s work with 18th century specimens of algae.  It was published in the North Carolina Botanical Garden Newsletter in 2010.

Videos about algae presented by AlgaeBase.



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Refereed Journal Publications

Hughey, Jeffery R., Geoffrey L. Leister, Paul W. Gabrielson, and Max H. Hommersand.  2020.  Sarcopeltis gen. nov. (Gigartinaceae, Rhodophyta), with S. skottsbergii comb. nov. from southern South America and S. antarctica sp. nov. from the Antarctic Peninsula.  Phytotaxa 468(1):  075-088.

Richards, J. L., P. W. Gabrielson, and C. W. Schneider.  2018.  Sporolithon mesophoticum sp. nov. (Sporolithales, Rhodophyta) from Plantagenet Bank off Bermuda at a depth of 178 m.  Phytotaxa 385:  67-76.

Richards, J. L., P. W. Gabrielson, J. R. Hughey and D. W. Freshwater.  2018.  A re-evaluation of subtidal Lithophyllum species (Corallinales, Rhodophyta) from North Carolina, USA, and the proposal of L. searlesii sp. nov.  Phycologia 57:  318-330.  TableS1TableS2TableS3

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Hughey, J. R., K. A. Miller and P. W. Gabrielson.  2018.  Mitogenome analysis of a green tide forming Ulva from California, USA confirms its identity as Ulva fenestrata (Ulvaceae, Chlorophyta).  Mitochondrial DNA Part B  3:  1302-1303.

Hind, K. R., P. W. Gabrielson, C. Jensen and P. T. Martone.  2018.  Evolutionary reversals in Bossiella (Corallinales, Rhodophyta):  First report of a coralline genus with both geniculate and non-geniculate species.  Journal of Phycology 54:  788-798.  FigS1FigS2FigS3FigS4TableS1TableS2TableS3TableS4

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Gabrielson, P. W., J. R. Hughey, and G. Diaz-Pulido.  2018.  Genomics reveals abundant speciation in the coral reef building alga Porlithon onkodes (Corallinales, Rhodophyta).  Journal of Phycology 54:  429-434.jpyFigS1jpyFigS2jpyFigS3jpyTableS1jpyTableS2jpyTableS3jpyTableS4

Richards, J. L., T. Sauvage, W. E. Schmidt, S. Fredericq, J. R. Hughey and P. W. Gabrielson.  2017.  The coralline genera Sporolithon and Heydrichia (Sporolithales, Rhodohyta) clarified by sequencing type material of their generitypes and other species.  Journal of Phycology 53:  1044-1059.  FigS1 ; FigS2FigS3FigS4FigS5FigS6FigS7FigS8FigS9TableS1TableS4

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