Robert Kenneth Godfrey

(29 August 1911  – 6 February 2000)

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Herbarium (NCU) has cataloged over 1,300 specimens collected by Robert K. Godfrey.  Without doubt many more will be found as we continue to catalog our collections.

Godfrey_RK.bmpGodfrey earned his undergraduate degree from Maryville College in Tennessee, then earned masters degrees at North Carolina State University and Harvard University.  He earned his doctorate in 1952 at Duke University under Dr. Hugo Leander Blomquist with his thesis, “Pluchea, section Stylismnus, in North America, the Bahama Islands and the Greater Antilles.”

He joined the faculty of Florida State University in Tallahassee in 1954.  He was Curator of the herbarium at Florida State, and it was named in his honor in 2002.

Robert Godfrey was married to Eleanor Niernsee (d. 1995); together they had two daughters.

Longtime associate Robert Kral wrote a tribute to Godfrey in the American Society of Plant Taxonomists Newsletter, volume 15, June 2001.  “The Robert K. Godfrey Endowment for the Study of Botany” has been established at FSU. The fund is to be used to support field and herbarium studies in botany, specifically to include: 1) support of the FSU Herbarium for enhancement and maintenance of the Collection, such as matching support for part-time curatorial assistance; and 2) sponsorship of independent research in the-field of botany and plant ecology for both students and faculty, such as systematic/taxonomic studies, botanical inventory, rare plant surveys, and studies in plant ecology or plant conservation biology. The FSU Foundation address is 225 University Center, Building C, Suite 3100, Tallahassee, Florida 32306-2660; phone 850 644-6000; fax 850 644-6211).


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Photo courtesy of Department of Biological Science, Florida State University