Celebrate Earth Week with Edible Campus!

edible campus garden bed

Edible Campus UNC is celebrating Earth Week by offering a new video each day, highlighting things students (and others!) can do to show the planet some love. Check back every day, April 19-23, for a new video, and check out last year’s video celebration, too!

Edible Campus UNC is a program of the North Carolina Botanical Garden that creates working landscapes across UNC-Chapel Hill to facilitate campus community engagement in topics of food and agriculture sustainability. Eleven (and counting!) satellite garden beds across campus that have been converted to incorporate edible, medicinal, and pollinator-friendly plants—free for passersby to pick! These gardens demonstrate an alternative approach to landscape design and re-connect the individuals with the food growing process. The main garden is a quarter acre organic production garden that serves as an educational resource in the heart of the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. This garden donates its produce to the student-run campus food pantry, and uses its space for nutrition workshops, academic research, community events, and more! The produce grown in this garden is therefore not open to public foraging like our Satellite Gardens, however all gets recirculated back in the the Carolina community.

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