New Entrance Walk and Breezeway Unveiled

The Bob and Molly Broad Entrance Walk on a sunny morning in June. The newly paved walkway is accented with low stone walls and renovated plantings.

The Bob and Molly Bob Entrance Walk

We are thrilled to announce that our Bob and Molly Broad Entrance Walk and Sara Waitt Breezeway are now open to the public! Together with our new sign wall on Fordham Boulevard, this marks the completion of a multi-year entranceway master plan to increase the Garden’s visibility, improve the visitor experience, and elevate our entrance landscapes.

Garden staff and contractors began work on the entrance walk and breezeway in January 2021 and completed the project in under six months. We have replaced the grit path with concrete and stone accents, including rock wall seating areas, improved the area’s drainage and irrigation system, replanted the wildflower beds, and paved the breezeway. Visitors will now be able to access all of the spaces in our Allen Education Center via paved paths.

The entrance walk is dedicated to Bob and Molly Broad. Bob, who passed away in the summer of 2020, was an active board member of our Foundation. Molly served as UNC System President from 1997 to 2006. This project was made possible by support from North Carolina Botanical Garden Foundation board members and many community members.

The breezeway is dedicated in honor of Sara Waitt, friend and supporter of the Garden, who passed away in the fall of 2020. Key support for this project was given by Tom Kenan.

Whether due to the new sign along 15-501 or pandemic restrictions, the Garden has seen a sharp increase in visitation, with roughly 60% enjoying their first visit to the Garden.

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