Coker Arbor Renovation to Begin in November

Coker Arbor rendering

In early November, we will begin dismantling the current arbor at Coker Arboretum to prepare for renovations. If you want to snap one last photo of the existing arbor, now’s your chance!

The Coker arbor draped with native wisteria, blooming with purple flowers
The existing arbor at Coker Arboretum draped in American wisteria (Wisteria frutescens), a southeastern native vine.

What’s going on? 

The Coker Arboretum arbor is an iconic site on the UNC campus. Last replaced 25 years ago, it has started to sink into the ground, and the walkway under the arbor ends in a flight of stairs that makes the path inaccessible to many people. We’re joining together with UNC Facilities Planning and Design to renovate the arbor to ensure it’s safe, accessible, and able to be enjoyed by students and community members for years to come.

What’s the timeline? 

We will begin removing some of the native vines from the arbor in October. Then, in December, the walkway will be closed as we remove the arbor structure itself. The existing walkway will reopen in the spring and summer. In fall 2023, the new walkway will be built and the new arbor will follow.

What will the new arbor look like? 

We’re working with design teams to develop the design plan for the future arbor. From community meetings about this project, we know it’s important the structure maintain its rustic character and the play of light and shadow in the space.

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