Therapeutic Horticulture Program Featured in Chapel Hill Magazine

Page spread from the Chapel Hill Magazine article about the Therapeutic Horticulture program, with the title "Reap what you sow"

The March-April 2023 issue of Chapel Hill Magazine features a story on the Garden’s Therapeutic Horticulture program.

“Therapeutic horticulture is basically when a trained professional uses plants and/or nature-based activities to work toward specific goals of the participants,” says Emilee Weaver, therapeutic horticulture program manager. The practice can look like anything from using tools to improve fine motor skills to helping individuals with disabilities find a sense of independence and accomplishment. “It’s an unassuming gateway that doesn’t look like treatment, so people are more willing to embrace it and connect with it,” she continues. “And all of a sudden they go, ‘Whoa, I’ve been treated.'”

Read the full article on the Chapel Hill Magazine website.