Bill authorizing Venus Flytrap license plate signed into law

Home of the Venus Flytrap specialty license plate

North Carolinians will soon have a new specialty license plate to choose from at the DMV, thanks to a bill passed by the North Carolina General Assembly in late June and signed into law by Governor Roy Cooper on July 3, 2024.

The Home of the Venus Flytrap specialty plate features one of our state’s most iconic plants, the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula). Known around the world but native only to a 90-mile inland area around Wilmington, NC, the Venus flytrap is a North Carolina treasure. But habitat loss and poaching are making this incredible carnivorous plant harder and harder to find.

The Home of the Venus Flytrap specialty plate received nearly 800 preorders before heading to the state legislature for approval. State Representatives Allen Buansi (District 56) and Frank Iler (District 17) were instrumental in sponsoring the plate, which was included in the larger transportation bill signed by the Governor.

Proceeds from this specialty plate will go to the North Carolina Botanical Garden Foundation, Inc. The Foundation will use the funds to support native plant conservation and the restoration of healthy landscapes across North Carolina.

The plate was designed by Preston Montague, a Durham-based artist, educator, and landscape designer.

Questions? You’ll find more information on our Venus Flytrap License Plate page, which we’ll keep updated as we learn more information.