Lifelong Longleaf Hike: Green Swamp Preserve

Green Swamp Preserve

The longleaf pine story continues as we explore one of the best examples of a longleaf pine savanna remaining in North Carolina. Venus flytraps, pitcher plants and other carnivorous plants dot the grassy landscape under the dappled shade of longleaf pines in this Nature Conservancy Preserve.


LighterWood Farm Tour – How the Natural History of the Sandhills Created the Rich Cultural History

North Carolina Botanical Garden 100 Old Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

The North Carolina Sandhills is a natural strip of land straddling the Piedmont and Coastal Plains. It also lies in the natural zone between the Northern US and Southern US plant communities. This geological location has created a suite of plant and animal adaptations unique to the Sandhills of North Carolina. This tour explores how this natural history has created the cultural history. LighterWood Farm is a great example for how the natural history informed and created much of the highland Scot’s culture of the Sandhills, such as the naval stores economy and even the architecture of the Scots.

Explore Natural and Cultural History at the Green Swamp Preserve

Brunswick County, NC

The Nature Conservancy’s Hervey McIver and Debbie Crane will join Julie Moore, coordinator for the Venus Flytrap Champions program, and Sue Jacobs and Darlene Jacobs, coordinators of the Waccamaw Siouan Healing Green Space, to learn about the area’s amazing natural and cultural history of the Green Swamp. This will be a particularly interesting time to visit the preserve, which was completely burned during a wildfire last summer, which is having an amazing effect on its many fire-dependent plants.


Lifelong Longleaf Hike: Holly Shelter

Holly Shelter Game Land

The longleaf pine story continues with our exploration of Holly Shelter Game Land in Pender County. Here we will explore the longleaf pine savannas and associated pocosins rich in carnivorous plants and colorful orchids. Holly Shelter, North Carolina’s first state game land, is managing longleaf pine with an aggressive burn regime and restoring longleaf pine to areas that had been converted to loblolly pine plantations when under private ownership.