Philip Jerome Crutchfield

…we continue to catalog our collections. Philip Jerome Crutchfield was born in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York on 22 November 1928, the son of Frank Lindley Crutchfield (1903-1987) and Ethel…

Charles Wright

National Science Foundation, all the mycological collections at NCU are searchable via and our vascular plants are searchable via Other herbaria that curate Charles Wright’s specimens include the

Stephen Gaddy Boyce

…benefits (DYNAST-TM). [incomplete citation] Boyce, Stephen G. and Noel D. Cost. 1978. Forest diversity: new concepts and applications. [incomplete citation] Boyce, Stephen G. 1978. Theory for new directions in forest…

Francis Joseph LeClair

…collections. Other herbaria curating his specimens include Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT; originally in SMU), Field Museum (F), and New York Botanical Garden (NY). F. J. LeClair, Horticulturist and

Ken E. Rogers

…unfamiliar grass. Perhaps intuitively, enough material was collected for several herbarium specimens… Dr. Thomas R. Soderstrom, Curator of Grasses at the United States National Museum, after examining my material and

Robert M. Downs

…(University of Southern Mississippi), TENN (University of Tennessee), VT (University of Vermont), VSC (Valdosta State University), WCUH (Western Carolina University) and WILLI (College of William & Mary). The New York

Maeburn Bruce Huneycutt

…Herbarium,” continues McCook. “Huneycutt was responsible for starting the herbarium—as chair of Biology, he hired [Thomas M.] Pullen as a new faculty member with the specific job of initiating and

Samuel McCutchen Bain

…a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a member of the Association Internationale des Botanistes, (1900); Member auxiliare (1902), Associe libre (1912) des l’Academie Internationale de…

Velma Dare Matthews

…group of plants usually grew on at least a few of the eggs, when they were placed in culture.” Dr. Matthews named a new genus, Blastocladiella, and a new species,…