Elsie Julia Gibson Whitney

…In 1928 the Whitneys moved to Albany, New York, where they both worked at the New York State Museum, Alvin as Assistant Director of the Museum and Elsie as the

Frances Katherine Foust Lombard

…Mem. New York Botanical Garden 28(1): 131-140. (1976) Polyporus lowei Burdsall & Lombard. Mem. New York Botanical Garden 49: 147-151. (1989). Phellinus tropicalis M. Larsen et Lombard. Mycologia 80(1): 72-76….

John Robert Raper

…commune: New mutations in the B incompatibility factor. Science 154: 510-511. Raper, John R. (1966) Genetics of Sexuality in Higher Fungi. New York: Ronald Press. Raper, John R. and C.A….

Allen Hierome Curtiss

…Wynne, Michael J. (1996) Phycological Trailblazer No. 9: Floretta Allen Curtiss. Phycological Society of America Newsletter 32(2). 11. Ancestry.com. New York, U.S., State Census, 1855 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA:…

Spelunking in The Caves of Chapel Hill

…plants, or fossils — is interpreting the information on the specimen’s label. Sometimes the collector has terrible handwriting (pointing at you, Dr. William Chambers Coker), sometimes the collector just puts…

Bruce Alexander Sorrie

…336-337 IN Flora of North America Editorial Committee. Flora of North American North of Mexico, volume 8: Magnoliophyta: Paeoniaceae to Ericaceae. Oxford University Press, New York. Sorrie, B. A., A….

Norton G. Miller

…of his dissertation, completed in 1969, was glacial and postglacial vegetation change in southwestern New York State, also published as a New York State Museum Bulletin. Dr. Miller’s research interest…

Ellsworth Bethel

…fungi, lichens MO Missouri Botanical Garden vascular plants NY New York Botanical Garden vascular plants, fungi, lichens, algae, bryophytes NYS New York State Museum fungi NCSC North Carolina State University…

Alma Joslyn Whiffen Barksdale

…Dr. Whiffen Barksdale. (1) She deposited 4 specimens of Achlya heterosexualis in the American Type Culture Collection. (3) The Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden curates her papers….

Frederick William Anderson

…(Miami University), NY (New York Botanical Garden), OSC (Oregon State University), PUR (Purdue University), CHRB (Rutgers University), SYRF (State University of New York), BPI (United States National Fungi Collections), ARIZ…