The Wonderful World of Weeds: Virtual


One man's weed is another man's wildflower! What are some of the weeds that have snuck their way into our lives? And how can we best evict them when they’re unwanted? This course will focus on natives, native edibles and resources available. Great for beginners and experienced gardeners alike!


Foodscaping with Native Plants: Cool Season Edition – Virtual


Thoughtful design and management of landscapes is more important than ever as concerns of climate, water quality and invasive plants increase. Brie will discuss how to create a cool season foodscape using native plants mixed food crops. The best organic products are featured and easy, earth friendly maintenance strategies are highlighted. Learn about native edible plants and the pollinators they attract that aid in ecological restoration. Get inspired to see the potential every landscape offers by transforming them into purposeful spaces that embrace solutions to modern day landscape practices.


Virtual Lunchbox Talk: More Than A Garden: What the Garden Writings of D’Arcy McNickle Tell Us About Indigenous Encounters with Settler Colonialism


D’Arcy McNickle (1904-1977) is one of the twentieth century’s most important American Indian writers, intellectuals, and political actors. In addition to authoring several classic works of fiction and history, he played a vital role in reforming federal Indian policy and cultivating a generation of young activists from the 1930s to the early 1970s. While much has been written about his novels, the diary he kept during these years has been almost completely overlooked. At first glance, it doesn’t tell the stories scholars expect to hear about his life—a life typically cast as “a search for identity between Indian and white worlds.” This talk takes a closer look at his garden writing—one of the things that has caused the diary to be dismissed—and finds in it a crucial window into not only his experiential world but also one Indigenous person’s means of grappling with settler colonialism. In these ways, we will see that McNickle’s garden writing is about “more than a garden.”

Virtual Lecture: Indigenous Herbs and Foodways of the Lumbee and Cherokee Tribes


With Arvis Boughman, Author, Lumbee Indian Tribe Member ; Robert RedHawk Eldridge, Cherokee and Sappony Storyteller Thursday, November 4, 2021 6:30 PM-8:00 PM Venue: Zoom webinar Free; preregistration required During this talk, Mr. Arvis Boughman will discuss plants and herbal remedies that members of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina have used for centuries in the...


Virtual Lunchbox Talk: Venus Flytrap Champions


Much of North Carolina’s Venus flytrap territory is privately owned. Debbie Crane of The Nature Conservancy will describe the Venus Flytrap Champions, a program that works to help private landowners identify and manage flytrap habitat. Landowners in the Carolinas with Venus Flytrap on their property can play a significant role in maintaining the remaining Flytrap populations and preventing the loss of this fascinating, management-dependent species. The Nature Conservancy is one of many organizations participating in this new program.