Battle Park

On July 1, 2004, at the request of James Moeser, Chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the North Carolina Botanical Garden assumed responsibility for Battle Park, a wonderful wooded tract on the east side of campus and downhill from the Coker Arboretum. The tract includes one of the most awe-inspiring legacies of the University, which, furthermore, symbolizes the important connection between nature and art: the stone amphitheater known as Forest Theatre.

Download the Battle Park Trail Map [PDF] as a guide. Maps are also available at the information kiosks in Battle Park.

Although not a pristine forest, much of the 93-acre Battle Park consists of forest that predates European settlement in the area (1740). The Garden will be working to restore the trails with funding supplied by the University. We will also be developing university and public educational programs for this important tract.

The park is named for Kemp Plummer Battle, president of UNC from 1876 to 1891, who laid out the original trail system and spent many happy and contemplative hours within the forest.

photo of a UNC student volunteers

UNC-Chapel Hill students play a major role
in our efforts to restore and maintain Battle park.

The Battle Park Volunteers meet regularly to help restore and maintain the natural areas and trails of Battle Park.

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Enjoy a Safe Visit to Battle Park

There is no identified parking for Battle Park. Please use UNC visitor lots or metered parking on Country Club Road during the week.

To best enjoy your visit with us, please follow these safety procedures:

  • Stay on designated paths and trails.
  • Watch for uneven ground and slippery surfaces.
  • Remember that you are in a natural setting and may encounter a variety of plants and animals. Watch for snakes, poison ivy, stinging insects.
  • Check for ticks, especially during warmer months. Download an information sheet about ticks.
  • Do not drink from natural water sources.
  • Supervise children at all times.
  • Pets must be kept on leashes. Please clean up after pets.

The following are NOT permitted:

  • Motorized vehicles
  • Smoking or alcohol
  • Disturbance to research and teaching activities
  • Climbing trees, structures, or water features
  • Removal of plants, rocks, or landscape elements

Please note that there are no restrooms or water fountains available; bicycles are allowed in designated areas only (see on-site map); we appreciate your carrying out all trash.

Use 911 for Emergencies and note location of UNC emergency phones on the map displays.

Questions or comments? Please check with staff and volunteers at the Botanical Garden's Education Center or call 919-962-0522. Please report any unsafe conditions.

photo of a UNC student volunteers

A place for contemplation—or study!

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