2021 Wildflower of the Year

American beautyberry

Callicarpa americana

This deciduous understory shrub is native to woodlands, open forests, and disturbed areas throughout the central and southeastern United States.

Celebrating More Than 30 years!

The North Carolina Wildflower of the Year program is managed by the North Carolina Botanical Garden with some financial support from the Garden Club of North Carolina, Inc. Started in 1982, this program celebrates one southeastern native wildflower each year by collecting, cleaning and distributing thousands of packets of its seed to interested parties throughout our region.
Live in the southeastern United States? Get a free seed pack of this year’s Wildflower of the Year! (Available while supplies last.)


Garden members are entitled to eight free seed packets each year as a benefit of membership.

Annual Members' Seed Pack

The Members’ Seed Pack consists of eight packs of pre-selected native seeds, representing some of our most popular species as well as some interesting and unusual native species that are often hard to come by. PLEASE NOTE:┬áTo help prevent the spread of invasive species, we limit our distribution of seeds to within a 12-state region of the Southeast, from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean and from the Gulf of Mexico north to Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. If you live outside this area, we may be able to assist you in locating sources of native seeds within your geographic region.