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Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Plants in Ancient Magic and Religion

Dr. Suzanne Lye, Assistant Professor, Department of Classics, UNC-Chapel Hill
August 12, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Elderberry Identification, Traditional Uses, and Medicinal Syrup Recipes

Dr. Tracie Locklear-Beasley, Research Assistant Professor, NC Central University
June 24, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Pawpaws and Other Native Tree Fruits

Mary Jac Brennan, Heartplace Farm Consulting
June 10, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
How Trees Can Save the World – And What We Can Do to Help

Basil Camu, Leaf & Limb
May 13, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Bigleaf Magnolia at Redlair Preserve

Bob Peet and Fisher Stines
April 22, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Lichens of North Carolina: Biology, Distribution, and Conservation

Gary Perlmutter, UNC Herbarium Associate
April 8, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Back to the Future: Suther Prairie Nature Preserve

Dennis Testerman, Conservationist, Preserve Steward at Suther Prairie
March 25, 2021


Virtual Program
12 Tips for Happy, Healthy Trees

Craig Blackmar, Master Arborist, Leaf & Limb
March 20, 2021


Virtual Workshop
Compost: Your Garden’s Best Friend

In collaboration with Orange County Solid Waste Management
March 19, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Mitigating Climate Change through NC’s Natural and Working Lands

Misty Buchanan, Director, NC Natural Heritage Program
March 11, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Analyzing the Effects of Urban Noise and Light Pollution on Avian Communities

Lauren Pharr, Ornithologist
February 25, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Rare Wildflowers of North Carolina

Mike Kunz, NCBG Conservation Ecologist
February 11, 2021


Virtual Lucnhbox Talk
Skippers in the Dunes: Habitat Conservation to Support an Endemic Butterfly

Carol Price, conservation biologist, North Carolina Aquariums
January 28, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Survival by Degrees: 389 Bird Species on the Brink

Curtis Smalling, Director of Conservation, Audubon North Carolina
December 10, 2020


Year of the Wildflower Finale
Plant Love Stories

Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie, professor of environmental studies, Colby College, and co-founder, Plant Love Stories
December 17, 2020


Annual Jenny Elder Fitch Memorial Lecture
Heirloom Seeds: Saving Stories, Preserving Biodiversity

Ira Wallace, author and worker/owner at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
November 1, 2020


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Losing Venus: The Perils of the Carolinas’ Most Charismatic Plant

Johnny Randall, NCBG Director of Conservation
October 8, 2020

Virtual Lunchbox Talk
The Critical Importance of Plants in Conservation Decision-Making

Regan Smyth, Director of Spatial Analysis, NatureServe
September 24, 2020


Virtual Program
Flying Jewels and Wildflowers in the Garden: The Science of Banding Hummingbirds

Susan Campbell, Naturalist
August 22, 2020

Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Conserving the Wildflowers of the Eno River Diabase Area

Lesley Starke, Program Manager, NC Plant Conservation Program
August 13, 2020


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Biodiversity Begins at Home

Lynn Richardson, Vice-Chair, Woodcroft Eco-Friendly Landscape Committee
June 11, 2020


Virtual LUNCHBOX Talk
Forgotten Landscapes: Restoring Battle Park’s Remnant Woodland

Nick Adams, Battle Park Manager
May 28, 2020

Virtual Lunchbox Talk
In My Lifetime: From Non-Native Introduction to Invasion

Johnny Randall, Director of Conservation Programs, NCBG
May 14, 2020


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Seeds for Humanity

Mike Kunz, NCBG Conservation Ecologist
April 16, 2020


Lunchbox Talk
Native Plant Combinations

Chris Liloia, NCBG Habitat Gardens Curator
February 27, 2020