An annual exhibit

This autumn marks the 34th annual Sculpture in the Garden exhibit. Sculpture in the Garden unites the work of local artists with the curated landscapes of the North Carolina Botanical Garden. Together, they invite you to experience art, the natural world, and the relationship between the two in a new way.

2022 Dates

34th Annual Sculpture in the Garden
Sunday, September 18 – Sunday, December 4
The 2022 show has now concluded. See it in photos >

Award Winners

Juried Awards

Best in Show
Grandpa’s Garden, Hamidou Sissoko

Honorable Mentions
Autumn Arc, Roberta Wood
Reddishness, Karen Ives
Frogue Magazine’s Best Dressed of 2022, Forrest Greenslade


People’s Choice Awards

First Place
Blue Lotus Goddess, Theresa Arico

Second Place
Auspicious, Theresa Arico

Third Place
Bird of Prey, Chris Belk

Participating Artists

Nana Abreu Karen Ives
Sam Aghamiri Tinka Jordy
Paris Alexander Beau Lyday
Theresa Arico Mac McCusker
Chris Belk William Moore
Greg Bender Kay Parks
Julie Berkowitz Shawn Protz
Colleen Black Semelka Joan Rasmussen
Brick Bordon Mike Roig
Brenda Brokke Keith Savage
Jude Casseday Anna Schroeder
Alina Cochran Helen Seebold
Debbie Cohen Judith Simpson
Nileena Dash Hamidou Sissoko
Pat Ray Day Sam Spiczka
Andrew Dixon Kimberly Sudkamp
RJ Dobs Gary Taber
Ellie East Peter Thomas
Charlie Evergreen Douglas Tilden
Steve Fagan Anjana Tumuluri
Karen Stevens Fisher Bronwyn Watson
Ben Galata Roberta Wood
Forrest Greenslade Stacey Wright
Scott Harris Levi Yakubu
Franklin Holder

Virtual Tour

See the show in photos, and read the accompanying artists' statements. (But remember, you're only seeing one side of a three-dimensional object!)

Sculpture in the Garden is made possible by support from:

Event Hosts

Florence & James Peacock
Vikram Rao & Susan Henning

Alice & John May
Sue & Charles Plambeck
Sims Preston & Posy Stone

Patricia C. Beyle
Kim & Peter Fox
James Joslin & Beth Hahn
Charlotte Offerdahl & Grady Burgin
Stewart Parker
Wyndham G. Robertson
Al & Jennifer Runquist

Corporate Partners

Natural Areas Steward
Leaf & Limb

Habitat Sustainers
Bartlett Tree Experts
Curtis Media Group
Robi Decking

Garden Supporters
The Cedars of Chapel Hill
Soil3 Humus Compost
Hamilton Point Investment Advisors
Tony HallĀ  & Associates