We are requesting proposals for experienced botanical art instructors to teach colored pencil and watercolor courses, beginning in the spring 2023 session. Use the links below to learn more about these opportunities, including eligibility criteria and procedures for submitting a proposal.


Colored Pencil Instructor – Request for Independent Contractor Services


Watercolor Instructor – Request for Independent Contractor Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on September 13, 2022.

Pre-submission inquiries regarding this opportunity may be addressed via email to ncbgregistrar@unc.edu.

What distinguishes an Artist Statement from an Educator Statement?

  • Your Artist Statement should speak to you as an artist: what experiences have influenced you, what are your aims, approaches, and philosophies as an artist? Your Educator Statement should be similar, though it should speak to your approach to teaching botanical art and illustration classes in the specific media you would be teaching.

Can I include supplemental materials in my application, such as student evaluations?

  • Yes, you are more than welcome to include relevant information to your application, as long as the required materials are included.

Can I lead classes that are not listed on the Request for Service?

  • There is the possibility for teaching additional courses other than the core courses listed in the Request.

Will these classes be held in-person or virtually?

  • This depends on your distance from the Garden. For artists outside of North Carolina, these classes would be held online. North Carolina artists within a reasonable distance of the North Carolina Botanical Garden would be invited to teach in person.

I see these classes are generally scheduled for 14 hours, over four weeks with each week having a 3.5 hour class session. Is there any flexibility with this schedule?

  • Our Certificate program is based on a format of in-person courses including 3.5 hours of class, once a week for four weeks. Online programs have a bit more flexibility in format, but I would not want to increase the hours of synchronous teaching (live on Zoom) to more than 14 hours. The 14 hours (in-person) is a standard that has worked well for our instructors and students across time with this program. You are welcome to include information about your preferred class format in your Education Statement, as well as your level of flexibility to adapt to our existing format. We will consider this during our review of proposals.