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Lunchbox Talk
The Longleaf Pine as a Source of Food, Medicine, and Craft for Tribal Nations of the Southeast

Nancy Strickland Chavis, Director and Curator of The Museum of the Southeast American Indian, UNC – Pembroke
March 28, 2024


Special Presentation
Hooheh (Longleaf Pine) Reforestation and Cultural Burn Program

Ashley Lomboy, Founder, Waccamaw Siouan STEM Studio
March 13, 2024


Special Presentation
Pine Tree Pharmacy

Arvis Boughman, Author, Lumbee Tribe Member
March 7, 2024


Lunchbox Talk
Boardwalks and Burns: Stories of the NCBG Habitat Gardens

Chris Liloia, Habitat Curator, Ken Moore, NCBG Assistant Director Emeritus, and Julie Moore, Endangered Species Biologist
February 22, 2024


Lunchbox Talk
The Red-Cockaded Woodpecker: A Fire Specialist in Peril

Lauren D. Pharr, Avian Ecologist, Ph.D. Student, NC State University
February 8, 2024


Lunchbox Talk
Land of the Longleaf Pine: One Tree for Many Communities

Sarah Crate, Outreach Communications Coordinator, The Longleaf Alliance
January 25, 2024


Lunchbox Talk
A Virtual Field Trip of Longleaf Pine Communities of the Southeastern United States

Alan Weakley, Director, UNC Herbarium
January 18, 2024


Saving Our Savannas: Stories of the Longleaf Pine Kickoff Lecture
Fire and Life: Longleaf Pine Natural Areas and Their Conservation

Bill Owen, longleaf landowner and Vice-chair of The Longleaf Alliance Board of Directors
January 11, 2024


Lunchbox Talk
A Guided Forest Bathing Experience

Shawn Ramsey, Founder, The Art of Moxie
December 14, 2023


Lunchbox Talk
Paul Green, Botanist

Betsy Green Moyer, Author and Photographer
November 10, 2023


Lunchbox Talk
Okra and Collards: Saving and Savoring Two Southern Staples

Chris Smith, Executive Director, Utopian Seed Project
October 26, 2023


Lunchbox Talk
How Piedmont Prairies Can Enhance Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Greg Paige, Director of Horticulture, JC Raulston Aboretum
September 14, 2023


Lunchbox Talk
Toxic Plants and Pets – Awareness is Key

Cat Barr, Diagnostic Toxicologist, NC Veterinary Diagnostic Lab System, and Adjunct Professor, NC State College of Veterinary Medicine
August 24, 2023


Lunchbox Talk
Flora of the Southeastern US Apps

Michael Lee, Data Scientist, and Scott Ward, Research Botanist, North Carolina Botanical Garden, UNC Herbarium
June 29, 2023


Lunchbox Talk
Therapeutic Horticulture – A Gateway to Healing & Connection with the Natural World

Emilee Weaver, NCBG Therapeutic Horticulture Program Manager
June 22, 2023


Lunchbox Talk
Climate Change and Biodiversity: How Will Plants and Animals Respond?

Joel Kingsolver, Ph.D., Kenan Distinguished Professor, UNC Department of Biology
May 25, 2023


Virtual Special Lecture
The Great Coharie River Initiative

Ryan E. Emanuel, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Hydrology, Duke University; Philip Bell, Volunteer Coordinator of the Great Coharie River Initiative; and Greg Jacobs, Coharie Tribal Administrator
May 4, 2023


Special Arbor Day Lecture
The World Of Trees, Celebrating the 120th Anniversary of Coker Arboretum

Dr. Peter White, Former Director of NCBG, Professor of Biology, Emeritus
April 27, 2023


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Quantifying Genetic Variation of Pocosin Loosestrife (Lysimachia asperulifolia) using Microsatellites

Jess Roach, Master’s Student, UNC Wilmington
April 27, 2023


Hybrid Special Lecture
A Conversation Between Collaborators: The Weeds and Botanical Art

Katy Simpson Smith, author, and Kathy Schermer Gramm, botanical artist
April 20, 2023


Annual Evelyn McNeill Sims Native Plant Lecture
Architects of Abundance: Indigenous Regenerative Land Management and the Excavation of Hidden History

Dr. Lyla June Johnston, musician, scholar, and community organizer
April 2, 2023


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
Supporting Pollinator Communities in NC Agroecosystems

Hannah Levenson, Postdoctoral Research Scholar, North Carolina State University Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology
March 23, 2023


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
The NC Fig Buttercup Project: What’s in your backyard?

Johnny Randall, NCBG Director of Conservation
March 2, 2023


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
Green Space as Cultural Space: Centering Native Leaders’ Voices in Conservation Conversations

Jesalyn Keziah, Community Engagement Program Officer, UNC American Indian Center and Joanna Massey Lelekacs, NCBG Director of Learning & Engagement
February 23, 2023


Annual Darwin Day Lecture
The hybrid in your genome: how recent advances in behavior and genetics are changing our view of Darwinian evolution

Dr. Karin Pfennig, Professor of Biology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
February 12, 2023


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
Increasing Seeds for Conservation Needs

Emma York Marzolf, NCBG Conservation Grower
February 9, 2023


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
A Gardener’s Guide To Botany

Scott Zona, Ph.D., Botanist, co-editor, PALMS, the journal of the International Palm Society
January 26, 2023


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
Protect Our Pollinators! Become a Community Scientist with Budburst

Lauren Greene, NCBG Youth Environmental Education Specialist
December 15, 2022


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
Leave Your Leaves

Karen Stine, Ph.D, Retired Professor and Dean of the School of Sciences, Auburn University
November 10, 2022


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Long Mountain Slopes, and Unique Protected Plants of the Uwharries

Emily Callicutt, Land Protection Specialist, Three Rivers Land Trust
October 27, 2022


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
Climate Change Gardening for the South: Planet-Friendly Solutions for Thriving Gardens

Barbara J. Sullivan, Author and graduate of the NC State Master Gardener Program
September 28, 2022


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
Connecting Ecosystems for Wildlife and Plantlife Biodiversity Conservation

Johnny Randall, NCBG Director of Conservation
September 22, 2022


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
Natural Communities of Agapé Center for Environmental Education

Greg Price, Environmental Consultant
August 25, 2022


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
Obelisks, Wagon Wheels, and Other Amazing Dragonfly Behaviors

Chris Goforth, Head of Citizen Science, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
August 11, 2022


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
Gardening for Joy and Abundance

Chris Liloia, NCBG Curator, Habitat Gardens
June 23, 2022


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Conserving Gray’s Lily (Lilium grayi) through Genetic Diversity Analysis Demographic Monitoring

Ben Brewer, Master’s Student, Appalachian State University with an introduction by Dr. Matt Estep, Assistant Professor of Biology, Appalachian State University
May 26, 2022


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
By Loch, Glen, and Fairy-Hill: Human Ecology in the Scottish Highlands

Michael Newton, Ph.D., Author, Scottish Gaelic Historian
May 12, 2022


Annual Evelyn McNeill Sims Native Plant Lecture
50 Years of Native Plant and Habitat Conservation in North Carolina: History and the Road Ahead

Julie Moore, Botanist & Endangered Species Biologist; Retired US Fish and Wildlife Service Biologist
April 3, 2022


Annual Darwin Day Lecture
Quercus Circus: The Biodiversity and Ecological Value of Oaks

Paul Manos, Ph.D., Professor, Duke University, Department of Biology
February 12, 2022


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Naval Stores and the Longleaf Pine Industry in Southeastern NC

Joel Rose, Executive Director, Sampson County History Museum
February 10, 2022


Hybrid Lunchbox Talk
Saving the Wild South – The Fight for Native Plants on the Brink of Extinction

Georgann Eubanks, Author and Documentarian
January 27, 2022


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
How Trees Can Save the World – And What We Can Do to Help

Craig Blackmar, Master Arborist, Leaf & Limb
January 13, 2022


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Venus Flytrap Champions

Debbie Crane, Communications Director, The Nature Conservancy, NC Chapter
November 18, 2021


Native Plant Symposium: Green Roots, Red Resilence
From Traditional to “TraditioNOW” 

Linwood Watson, M.D., Haliwa-Saponi
November 12, 2021

Part 1: Rekindling Our Plant Relationships with New Tactics

Part 2: Persimmons


Annual Jenny Elder Fitch Memorial Lecture
North Carolina: Land of Water, Land of Sky

Bland Simpson, UNC Kenan Distinguished Professor of English and Creative Writing, Author, Musician; Ann Cary Simpson, Photographer
November 7, 2021


Virtual Lecture
North Carolina Native Herbal Plant Remedies

Mr. Arvis Boughman, Author, Lumbee Indian Tribe Member; Mr. Robert RedHawk Eldridge, Native American Indian Storyteller/Living Historian
November 4, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
More Than a Garden: What the Garden Writings of D’Arcy McNickle Tell Us About Indigenous Encounters with Settler Colonialism

Daniel M. Cobb, Professor of American Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
November 4, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
History and Heritage of the Coker House and Gardens

Dr. W. Woodrow Burns, Former Coker House Resident
October 21, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Form and Function: An Ecological Approach to Stormwater Using Native Plants

Chad Washburn, Vice President of Conservation, Naples Botanical Garden
September 23, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Plants in Ancient Magic and Religion

Dr. Suzanne Lye, Assistant Professor, Department of Classics, UNC-Chapel Hill
August 12, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Elderberry Identification, Traditional Uses, and Medicinal Syrup Recipes

Dr. Tracie Locklear-Beasley, Research Assistant Professor, NC Central University
June 24, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Pawpaws and Other Native Tree Fruits

Mary Jac Brennan, Heartplace Farm Consulting
June 10, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Bigleaf Magnolia at Redlair Preserve

Bob Peet and Fisher Stines
April 22, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Lichens of North Carolina: Biology, Distribution, and Conservation

Gary Perlmutter, UNC Herbarium Associate
April 8, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Back to the Future: Suther Prairie Nature Preserve

Dennis Testerman, Conservationist, Preserve Steward at Suther Prairie
March 25, 2021


Virtual Program
12 Tips for Happy, Healthy Trees

Craig Blackmar, Master Arborist, Leaf & Limb
March 20, 2021


Virtual Workshop
Compost: Your Garden’s Best Friend

In collaboration with Orange County Solid Waste Management
March 19, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Mitigating Climate Change through NC’s Natural and Working Lands

Misty Buchanan, Director, NC Natural Heritage Program
March 11, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Analyzing the Effects of Urban Noise and Light Pollution on Avian Communities

Lauren Pharr, Ornithologist
February 25, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk

Rare Wildflowers of North Carolina

Mike Kunz, NCBG Conservation Ecologist
February 11, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Skippers in the Dunes: Habitat Conservation to Support an Endemic Butterfly

Carol Price, conservation biologist, North Carolina Aquariums
January 28, 2021


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Survival by Degrees: 389 Bird Species on the Brink

Curtis Smalling, Director of Conservation, Audubon North Carolina
December 10, 2020


Year of the Wildflower Finale
Plant Love Stories

Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie, professor of environmental studies, Colby College, and co-founder, Plant Love Stories
December 17, 2020


Annual Jenny Elder Fitch Memorial Lecture
Heirloom Seeds: Saving Stories, Preserving Biodiversity

Ira Wallace, author and worker/owner at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
November 1, 2020


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Losing Venus: The Perils of the Carolinas’ Most Charismatic Plant

Johnny Randall, NCBG Director of Conservation
October 8, 2020

Virtual Lunchbox Talk
The Critical Importance of Plants in Conservation Decision-Making

Regan Smyth, Director of Spatial Analysis, NatureServe
September 24, 2020


Virtual Program
Flying Jewels and Wildflowers in the Garden: The Science of Banding Hummingbirds

Susan Campbell, Naturalist
August 22, 2020

Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Conserving the Wildflowers of the Eno River Diabase Area

Lesley Starke, Program Manager, NC Plant Conservation Program
August 13, 2020


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Biodiversity Begins at Home

Lynn Richardson, Vice-Chair, Woodcroft Eco-Friendly Landscape Committee
June 11, 2020


Virtual LUNCHBOX Talk
Forgotten Landscapes: Restoring Battle Park’s Remnant Woodland

Nick Adams, Battle Park Manager
May 28, 2020

Virtual Lunchbox Talk
In My Lifetime: From Non-Native Introduction to Invasion

Johnny Randall, Director of Conservation Programs, NCBG
May 14, 2020


Virtual Lunchbox Talk
Seeds for Humanity

Mike Kunz, NCBG Conservation Ecologist
April 16, 2020


Lunchbox Talk
Native Plant Combinations

Chris Liloia, NCBG Habitat Gardens Curator
February 27, 2020