What We're Watching

Okja graphic Okja
Genre: Adventure/foreign film
Description: A young girl risks everything on a rescue mission to save her best friend, Okja (a sweet and loving hog-type beast) from being captured by the multinational company, Mirando Corporation.
How to Stream: Netflix
microcosmos graphic

Genre: Nature documentary
Description: In this French nature documentary, amazing videography is set to beautiful music as we explore the breathtaking life and interactions of insects and plants.
How to Stream: rent on Google Play or Apple TV

environmental film festival graphic multiple films from the Environmental Film Festival
Genre: Documentary
Description: Check out this treasure trove of environmental films and short films with several still available (maybe time limited) for free.
How to Stream: multiple platforms, some available on streaming services, other available on festival website
biggest little farm graphic The Biggest Little Farm
Genre: Documentary
Description: Follow this true story of a couple living outside of Los Angeles, who transform a dry plot of land into an ecologically-resilient farm.
How to Stream: Hulu
hidden kingdoms graphic Hidden Kingdoms
Genre: Documentary
Description: Explore this British docuseries of the tiny world of animals in their habitats.
How to Stream: Rent on Apple TV or Prime Video
ghost bird graphic Ghost Bird
Genre: Documentary
Description: Documents the media circus surrounding the unconfirmed siting of the extinct Ivory Billed Woodpecker in a small town in Arkansas.
How to Stream: Rent on Apple TV or Prime Video