NCBG Earns Advanced Conservation Practitioner Accreditation

BGCI advanced conservation practitioner seal

BGCI’s Advanced Conservation Practitioner Accreditation is aimed at botanic institutions wishing to demonstrate that they achieve significant conservation impact, and recognises botanic gardens with a focus on conservation actions that support local, national or global conservation goals. BGCI accreditation ensures that gardens adhere to international standards, results in tangible benefits for participating gardens – such as recognition, peer review, creating standards for excellence, and funding – and acts as a motivator for botanic garden leadership.

The Advanced Conservation Practitioner Accreditation includes a Conservation Collections Assessment completed by BGCI. “The Conservation Collections Assessment provides a succinct evaluation of the value of our living collections and will aid in prioritization of collections acquisition and back-up moving forward,” said Dr. Jennifer Ramp Neale, Director of Research and Conservation at Denver Botanic Gardens.

Additionally, applications for Advanced Conservation Practitioner Accreditation are reviewed through an external review process that culminates with an endorsement by members of BGCI’s International Advisory Council, a global leadership forum for the botanic gardens sector comprising 30 garden directors from six continents.