Logan Clark – 2019 North Carolina Botanical Garden Award

student botanizing

Under the direction of Dr. Matt Estep, Department of Biology, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, Logan Clark receives 2019 North Carolina Botanical Garden Award for his work entitled:

Blazing New Paths to Investigate Blazing Stars: Development of Microsatellite Markers and Evaluation of Species Boundaries between Liatris helleriand Liatris turgida

The North Carolina Botanical Garden Award is a $300 prize given for a presented paper at the annual Association of Southeastern Biologists annual meeting that best advances our understanding of the biology and conservation of southeastern plants and thus contributes to the mission of the North Carolina Botanical Garden.  Of special interest to the Garden are the rare plant species of the Southeast: why they are rare; how they interact with plants, animals, and their environment; and what can be done to ensure their survival.