Announcing the FloraQuest: Northern Tier App

Graphic showing three screenshots from the FloraQuest Northern Tier app: the title page, a browsing list of plants with photos, and a screenshot from the graphic key.

We are thrilled to announce the release of FloraQuest: Northern Tier, a new plant identification and discovery app from Alan Weakley and the Southeastern Flora Team covering more than 5,800 wildflowers, trees, shrubs, grasses, and other vascular plants occurring in the northern part of The Flora of the Southeastern United States (FSUS).

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With easy-to-use graphic keys, advanced dichotomous keys, habitat descriptions, range maps, and 20,000 diagnostic photographs, FloraQuest: Northern Tier is the perfect companion for your botanical explorations.

You can use FloraQuest to learn about and identify all plants occurring within the 11-state “northern tier” portion of the FSUS. The app allows you to filter the state and physiographic region in which you are botanizing, seeing only relevant results close to you. FloraQuest: Northern Tier doesn’t need an internet connection to run, so you can take it with you wherever you go in the field. Do you struggle to remember complicated botanical terms? We’ve got you covered: click on a word you don’t know, and the definition will pop up in the app without you having to leave the page!

This app covers Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Washington (D.C.), Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and parts of New York, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. In the coming years, our Flora team will be releasing additional apps for the remaining regions of the Southeastern Flora. Next up is North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia; if you live in North Carolina, we encourage you to get the Northern Tier app now: 97% of common North Carolina species are covered in this app!

FloraQuest: Northern Tier is available for both iOS and Android devices starting May 1 for $19.99. Learn more about the app here.

We remain committed to traditional floras and making flora data accessible: you can download the latest PDF of the Flora of the Southeastern United States for free (donations optional).