Darwin Day Lectures


2008 – William Kimler, NCSU Department of History, Darwin the Botanist

2009 – Duncan Porter, VA Tech Department of Biology – The Voyage of the Beagle

2010 – Duncan Porter, Darwin’s botanical collections

2011 – Rafael de Cassas, National Evolutionary Synthesis Center – What can Darwin teach us about the study of botany

2012 – Janice Swab, Meredith College Department of Biology – Darwin’s Voyage: Then and Now

2013 – Steve Nowicki, Duke University Department of Biology – What bird songs and bird beaks can tell us about evolution

2014 – Gabriela (Gaby) Auge, Duke University Department of Biology – Plants and how they know their  neighbors

2015 – Rob Dunn, NCSU Department of Biology – The wild life of our bodies

2016 – Allen Hurlbert, UNC-CH Department of Biology – The Evolution of Biodiversity: History or Science?

2017 – Johnny Randall, NCBG Director of Conservation – Saving Venus: Venus flytrap, Darwin, and conservation

2018 – Kathleen Donohue, Duke University Department of Biology – Birds do arrive – and seeds: Darwin’s fascination with dispersal

2019 – David Pfennig, UNC Department of Biology – Plasticity, epigenetics, and evolution

2020 – James Costa, Highlands Biological Reserve and Western Carolina University Department of Biology – Darwin the botanist

2021 – Senay Yitbarek, UNC Department of Biology – Spatial Structure as a Mechanism for Diversity

2022 – Paul Manos, Duke Department of Biology – Quercus Circus: The Biodiversity and Ecological Value of Oaks

2023 – Karin Pfennig, UNCCH Department of Biology – The hybrid in your genome: how recent advances in behavior and genetics are changing our view of Darwinian evolution.

2024 – Mohamed Noor, Duke University (Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Professor of Biology) – Live Long and Evolve.