Kenneth Bryan Raper

…URL: Abstract: 1. Sorocarps, or fruiting structures, in Dictyostelium are formed by the orderly differentiation of large numbers of separate but clearly coordinated amoeboid cells, or myxamoebae. 2. The…

Recommended Sources for Native Plants

…800-848-0078 Free catalog Seeds Woodlanders, Inc 1128 Colleton Ave Aiken, SC 29801 803-648-7522 Plants Yucca Do Nursery PO Box 1039 Giddings, TX 78942 979-542-8811 Deep South plants…

Max Hoyt Hommersand

…Sydney Australia, 21-28 August, 1981. Sydney, Australia: Australian Academy of Science. (with John A. West). Chapter 4: Rhodophyta: life histories, pp. 133-193. In Chistopher S. Lobban and Michael J. Wynne…

John Adolph Shafer

…of Pittsburgh until 1908… Over the years The Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy grew increasingly closer to the university, and on January 26, 1948, the two formally merged, transforming the pharmacy

George Bowyer Rossbach

…Rhodora 41 (484): 113-128. Rossbach, George B. (1940) Distributional notes on certain aquatic Utricularias in Quebec. Rhodora 42 (494): 52-53. Rossbach, George Bowyer (1940) Erysimum in North America….

Oliver Myles Freeman

…Greenville and Pickens Counties, South Carolina. Castanea 23(2): 46-48. —. 1956. New or noteworthy plants from Polk Cop, North Carolina or vicinity. Castanea 21 (2): 41-43. —. 1955….

Paul James Philson

…Oread (/ˈ ɔː r i ˌ æ d, ˈ ɔː r i ə d/; Ancient Greek: Ὀρειάς, romanized: Oreiás, stem Ὀρειάδ-, Oreiád-, Latin: Oreas/Oread-, from ὄρος, “mountain”) or Orestiad /ɔː…