PLEASE NOTE: If our current offerings do not meet your needs, we hope that you will consider bringing your group for a self-guided field trip. We are not able to offer custom programs at this time. We are hard at work evaluating our current programs and developing new ones that align with the revised NC Standard Course of Study. Thank you for your patience as we improve what we offer to better support you for the 2024-25 school year.

Sense-ational Nature

Grade: Pre-K & K (ages 4-6)

Kids and leaders in a program

We experience nature best when we use our senses! Young children will explore the sights, sounds, feels, and smells of the Garden through activity stations and a sensory walk.

NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development: Goal CD-1, Goal CD-14, Goal CD-15.
Length: 1 hour
Fee: $3 per student
Max group size: 40

From the Mountains to the Coast

Grade: 3rd

Kids in a Youth and Family program exploring the Mountain Habitat

Walk with us from the mountains to the coast as we explore the different geographic regions of North Carolina in our habitat gardens. Learn how differences in soils and environmental factors may help shape the plant communities we see across the state, from the rich diversity of our Piedmont and Mountain forests to the amazing adaptations of insect-eating plants of the Coastal Plain.

NC Standard Course of Study for Science: LS.3.2.1, LS.3.3.1, LS.3.3.2
Length: 2 hoursĀ  *NOTE: New longer format
Fee: $5 per student
Max group size: 40

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